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Beyond the Fire

prehistoricParanormal Suspense
Complete at 94,000 words

Kendra is haunted by the death of her family and pursued by the arsonist who killed them. Ben is embroiled in a secret war with a Pre-Celtic demigod. They both have magical powers beyond imagination. When they combine forces in a battle to save the world, can their hearts survive the fall out?

Awards and recognition for Beyond the Fire (previously titled “Flannigan’s Grace”):


romantic coupleNew Adult, Amateur Sleuth Mystery
Redrafting completed mss, projected length 75,000 words

Violet is an American in London, working toward a Master’s degree in Literature and searching for her biological father. As she stumbles into the search for a rare book thought to sink with the Titanic, she finds herself torn between between two countries, caught between two sets of parents, and attracted to two very different men.

Awards and recognition for Bookish:

Through the Deep

Paranormal Suspense
Work in progress

Tara sacrificed her one true love in exchange for the elemental magic she wields as a Key Keeper. Hunter spent the last decade building a life he feels could win Tara back. When an ancient being puts him toe-to-toe in war against Tara’s family, they must overcome the faults of their past in order to save the world from a pre-Celtic demigod gone bad.

Into the Dark

Paranormal Suspense

Lily is finding her feet as a single mother and managing a new business. Devon balances CEO duties with a secret role managing his family’s magical endeavors. When a quirk of fate puts Lily in the midst of Devon’s battle with ancient evil, they must make time for each other…because only Devon can protect Lily from the desperate rage of a pre-Celtic demigod, and only Lily can place the final piece in a centuries-old puzzle.